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We are dedicated to strengthening and supporting Catholic marriages. Our goal is to provide resources that uncover leading psychological causes of marital conflicts, along with St. John Paul II's writings on marriage and family life, and the timeless wisdom of the Catholic Church.

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About Habits for a Healthy Marriage
Habits for A Healthy Marriage is unique because it draws on the field of positive psychology, which focuses on growth in virtues. Each chapter names a common marital problem along with a particular virtue that can help couples to overcome that problem. It shows that the road to healing is paved with forgiveness, not only between spouses but also within their families of origin.
Habits for a Healthy Marriage Training

Training in Habits for a Healthy Marriage: A Handbook for Catholic Couples will be offered online in the future for mental health professionals, those involved in the pastoral care of the family through Pre Cana and marital enrichment programs, clergy, marriage tribunal staff, family physicians, and graduate students.


If you are interested in being put on the mailing list for HHM training or

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“Today, given high divorce rates, marriage can be a seemingly dangerous and difficult path. Dr. Fitzgibbons’ book provides a penetrating guide to the virtues that sustain strong and happy marriages. Highly recommended!”

— W. Bradford Wilcox, Ph.D., Director, National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia 

Healthy, Holy

Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, Dr. Regis Martin and Dr. Scott Hahn discuss the current crisis of fatherhood in our society: what factors are contributing to this problem and what can men do to buck the trend?



Ignatius Press
Author Interview

Interview with Dr. Fitzgibbons on his
book Habits for a Healthy Marriage



TV Series - Habits for a Healthy Marriage


Dr. Fitzgibbons outlines healthy habits
for married couples that foster growth
and healing and aid in combating and
overcoming common marital conflicts



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About Forgiveness Therapy
Forgiveness Therapy addresses the importance of uncovering and treating the excessive anger that is present in psychiatric disorders. This treatment is essential for their resolution and the prevention of relapse. 

Expanded Reason Award

In July 2019 their APA book on Forgiveness Therapy led to  Dr. Robert Enright and Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons receiving the prestigious Benedictine XVI Foundation Expanded Reason Award in research in association with the University Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid.

Online Continuing Education Course 

A continuing education course for mental health professionals, clergy and physicians that will help them understand the significance and capabilities of Forgiveness Therapy is available at:



“This groundbreaking book by forgiveness pioneers Enright and Fitzgibbons elevates forgiveness therapy to its rightful place among the important psychotherapies of our time.”

  -Frank Farley, PhD, Former President, American Psychological Association

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